What You Should Understand About Burning Mouth Syndrome

There is a condition called burning mouth syndrome, or BMS for short. It is a condition that causes people to suffer from a burning pain that can affect their lips and tongue. Sometimes, more severe cases can cause a person's whole mouth to burn. Even though parts of the mouth may feel as if they are burning, there are no visual signs of the condition, such as scalded areas or blisters.

What To Know When Your Child Needs Dentures

Many people don't realize that sometimes children wear dentures, but certain situations can arise with a child's teeth that leaves dentures as the best choice, at least for the time being. If you have found yourself in the position of going with dentures for your child's tooth replacement option for missing teeth, then you want to learn about the best ways to get them to wear their dentures without a lot of hassle form them.

Does Your Child Have Tonsil Stones? How A Dentist Can Help

If your child has been complaining of a sore throat and difficulty swallowing, or if you have noticed that they have bad breath, you may want to check for tonsil stones. Tonsil stones are small whitish yellow lumps of bacteria and mucus that have hardened. If you shine a flashlight in your child's mouth, you may be able to see them stuck in the tonsils' crevices. Read on to learn more about tonsil stones and how to get rid of them:

The Worst Foods And Drinks For Your Child's Teeth

As a parent, you probably try hard each day to feed your child things that are healthy and good for him or her, and one benefit of this is that eating healthy can help a child have healthier teeth. If you want your child to have strong teeth, you may want to stop giving him or her the following foods and drinks. These are the worst things you can give a child if you want him or her to have healthy, strong teeth.

Birthday Entertainers Are At A High-Risk Of Enamel Damage

The enamel of the teeth is the toughest part of the body and helps protect teeth from serious damage. However, birthday entertainers may end up damaging their enamel in the course of their career. Here is why this is such a problem and how it can be avoided: Birthday Cake Is Awful For The Enamel Birthday entertainers are often rewarded with a helping or two of birthday cake after their show is finished.