What To Know When Your Child Needs Dentures

Many people don't realize that sometimes children wear dentures, but certain situations can arise with a child's teeth that leaves dentures as the best choice, at least for the time being. If you have found yourself in the position of going with dentures for your child's tooth replacement option for missing teeth, then you want to learn about the best ways to get them to wear their dentures without a lot of hassle form them. Here are some helpful tips you can try that should make it easier to get your child to put in and keep in their dentures:

You can bribe them

Many people think of bribery as a bad word when it comes to dealing with children. However, if done right it can be a great way to convince them to do something they don't normally want to do without a big argument or temper tantrums. You will know best what types of things will get your child's attention the best. Use those things to convince them to wear their dentures. You can offer them a different little prize every day after they wear them correctly, or you can make a star chart for the week that allows them to earn a bigger prize after a week's worth of wearing them without arguing.

Get help from an adult who wears dentures

If you have a family member or a friend that your child is close to who also wears dentures, ask for their help. They can show your child how they take care of, put in and wear their dentures so your child can see how easy it really can be. They can also tell your children how great they think their dentures are because they allow them to eat better foods, help them speak clearly and help them feel better about themselves when they are talking to someone or smiling. Not only can this show your child dentures aren't a bad thing, but they may also feel a sense of pride knowing they wear the same appliances the person they look up to wears.

Don't give in

If you give in to your child one day and allow them to talk their way out of wearing their dentures then they are going to know that this is something they can talk their way out of. This is only going to make it so much harder on you to get them to put them in the next time they really don't want to.

Give them a specific timeframe for breaks

Your child may need short breaks from wearing the dentures throughout the day, especially when they are new. Give them a set amount of time to have them out and then make sure they go back in exactly at that time. Otherwise, they can try to use this against you in the future. For example, if you tell them they have to put them back in after ten minutes, but they talk you into a half an hour, then the next day they may argue that, "I was able to go 30 minutes yesterday and everything was fine, why can't I do that today?"

For more help, speak with local pediatric dental services.