Birthday Entertainers Are At A High-Risk Of Enamel Damage

The enamel of the teeth is the toughest part of the body and helps protect teeth from serious damage. However, birthday entertainers may end up damaging their enamel in the course of their career. Here is why this is such a problem and how it can be avoided:

Birthday Cake Is Awful For The Enamel

Birthday entertainers are often rewarded with a helping or two of birthday cake after their show is finished. Unfortunately, this means they are exposed to high levels of sugar that may impact the health of their teeth. Sugar is manna for plaque and bacteria and will help them expand exponentially in a person's mouth.

As a result, it isn't uncommon to see entertainers of this type suffering from severe dental enamel dangers. Sadly, this is a serious concern because the enamel is so crucial to protecting their oral health from other and more severe dangers, such as gingivitis.

Why The Tooth Enamel Is A Vital Part Of Dental Health

Dental enamel is so important because it helps keep bacteria and other damaging elements away from the interior of your teeth and its roots. As a result, birthday entertainers who end up with compromised enamel often end up losing their teeth or suffering from severe cavities. The worst part about it is that enamel is something that cannot be replaced in the body.

Enamel Can Be Repaired Or Replaced

The sad thing that kid's birthday entertainers are going to have to realize is that their precious tooth enamel cannot be restored naturally. Although the enamel is easily the hardest part of your body, it is not a living part of it. As a result, its cells cannot be repaired naturally. Unfortunately, this means that serious enamel damage requires repair or replacement.

If birthday entertainers can't minimize their intake of birthday cake, they are likely to end up getting fillings or even replacement teeth to repair the damage caused by the cake's sugar. It is even possible that they may need to get a whole new set of teeth to repair the damage. While this can be a painful situation, it is necessary for most people.

As a result, those who suffer from enamel damage should take steps to manage it right away. Brush your teeth after every birthday show and wash out your mouth with alcoholic wash. And make sure to visit the dentist more than once every six months to keep the enamel looking great.

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