The Worst Foods And Drinks For Your Child's Teeth

As a parent, you probably try hard each day to feed your child things that are healthy and good for him or her, and one benefit of this is that eating healthy can help a child have healthier teeth. If you want your child to have strong teeth, you may want to stop giving him or her the following foods and drinks. These are the worst things you can give a child if you want him or her to have healthy, strong teeth.

Worst drinks

There are a lot of beverages you can give your child, but some of the worst include soda, sports drinks, and artificially-flavored fruit drinks. These beverages contain high amounts of sugars and acids. They will destroy your child's teeth, and you should avoid giving them to your child for this purpose.

Acids destroy enamel on teeth, and enamel is the layer of protection your child has on his or her teeth. Sugars are the food of bacteria present in everyone's mouth, and when the bacteria eat sugars, it turns into plaque. Plaque also destroys enamel and can cause teeth to start rotting away with cavities.

Natural fruit juices are fine to give kids sometimes, but they still contain a lot of sugars, so you should give your child these in moderation.

The best drinks you can give your child include water and milk. Milk does contain sugars, but there are not a lot of sugars in milk. Water is essential for the body, and it also helps clean the teeth, so you should try to give your child more water than any other beverage.

Worst foods

When it comes to the food your child eats, he or she may prefer sweets, such as candy, cookies, and donuts. While it is fine to give children these things sometimes, you should try to avoid them as much as possible. You should also avoid giving your children foods that are really sticky, such as fruit snacks.

The best types of foods for kids include fresh fruits and vegetables. While kids may not like these types of foods as much, they are much better for your child's teeth.

Taking your child to the dentist, such as at Alaska Dentistry For Kids, is a great way to help your child develop good oral care habits. If you would like to schedule an appointment for your child to see a dentist, contact a pediatric dentist in your city today.