Why A Dentist May Suggest A Crown Following A Root Canal

Dentists have their reasons for doing things a certain way. Some reasons, like prescribing a root canal, are obvious. Others, such as suggesting a combo procedure that includes a root canal and a crown, may not seem that obvious. Here is why your dentist may suggest that you get both the root canal and a crown for the same tooth. A Root Canal Just Saves the Tooth from Inner Decay

Three Extra Benefits Of Dental Implant Tooth Replacements

If you're looking for a replacement for one or more missing teeth, you may have been told that dental implants are a good choice. Dental implants perform all of the chewing, biting, and tearing abilities as well as your original teeth. However, their benefits don't stop there. Here are three extra ways that dental implants can benefit you. Jaw Strength You might be surprised to learn how much a healthy tooth does for your jaw on a regular basis.