Child Giving You Problems Brushing Their Teeth? Tips To Help And What To Teach Them About Their Teeth

If your baby is getting older it is time for them to start doing some things on their own. One of these things is taking care of their teeth. If you are having problems getting them to care for their teeth properly, there are many things you can do. You should also explain to them why taking care of their teeth is so important. Below is more information about this so you won't have to worry about your child's teeth.

Brushing Teeth Tips

Let your child see you brushing your teeth each morning and night. In most cases, children will mimic what they see their parents do. If your child sees that you take care of your teeth this may make them want to take care of theirs. While you are brushing laugh out loud or sing a silly song. Whatever you do make it look like fun.

There are also fun toothbrushes that you can purchase at stores or online. Some of these toothbrushes light up or play music as the toothbrush moves. This will make kids brush more as they can only hear the music of see the lights if the toothbrush is moving.

You could also set up a reward system. Make a calendar and tape it to the wall in the bathroom. Purchase a variety of fun stickers. Each time they brush their teeth let your child pick out a sticker and place the sticker on the right date. When your child goes so many days, such as one week, of brushing their teeth give them a reward. This reward should be something small like a pack of stickers, a small car, etc.

What to Tell Them About Their Teeth

Talk to your child about teeth cleanings and what happens when they go to the dentist. Assure your child that teeth cleanings do not hurt. Let them know removing tartar from teeth is important to keep their teeth healthy and cavity free. Take your child to the dentist and let them sit in the chair. The dental hygienist can explain to them what will happen when they come for their appointment. Knowing a little ahead of time can ease stress your child may be feeling.

Let your child know that if they do not take proper care of their teeth this will cause problems when their adult teeth come in. For example, the adult teeth may come in crooked which means your child will have to have braces in the future.

Talk to your child's dentist and they can give you many more teeth cleaning tips.