3 Major Questions You May Have Regarding Teeth Whitening

Do you have teeth that are yellow and discolored? Do you want a smile that is whiter and more attractive? While many people want to have a smile with beautiful white teeth, not everyone knows how to attain their goals. Questions and misinformation can keep people from whitening their teeth as they would otherwise like to do. Fortunately, it's easier than ever to find out at least some of what you want to know before asking your dentist about the rest.

Why Dentures Should Not Be Your Solution To Poor Oral Hygiene

There is a cross-section of the population that does not take care of their teeth and gums very well. They end up losing some or all of their teeth decades before they should. As such, they end up with dentures long before they should, too. Some even intentionally lose their natural teeth just to get dentures. This is really not a good idea for several reasons. Dentures should not be your solution to poor oral hygiene, and here is why.

2 Alignment Issues That Can Be Corrected Using Braces

Braces are commonly used to help align the teeth properly. Multiple types of braces may be appropriate based on the type and severity of your alignment issues. Traditional braces, which consist of metal brackets, an archwire and elastic ligatures are often used for orthodontic adjustments. However, other discreet types of braces, such as lingual braces, which are applied to the back side of the teeth, are also available. Here are a few orthodontic issues that can be corrected using braces:

Choosing Dental Insurance

Finding the right dental insurance plan is tricky if you've never done it on your own. Here is a guide to choosing dental insurance that will work for you. Types of Dental Insurance Plans There are 3 main types of dental insurance plans. The first is a PPO plan. This insurance plan works by allowing you access to a set network of healthcare providers that have opted into the insurance rates.

Tips For Helping Your Teenager Relieve Symptoms After Having Metal Braces Adjusted

If your teenager has just had their new metal braces adjusted for the first time, they may be experiencing some soreness and tooth sensitivity. If so, use one or more of the following tips to help relieve their symptoms Rinse Your Teen's Mouth With Peppermint Oil And Salt Water If your teenager's gums are sore, have them rinse their mouth with a homemade mouthwash made with peppermint oil and salt. The peppermint oil has pain-relieving properties that help relieve the discomfort.