3 Reasons Not To Postpone Getting A Dental Filling

Visiting the dentist is a great way to get your teeth cleaned and find out if you have any problems that need to be addressed, and the most likely problem you may discover during your visit is the need for a dental filling. Dental fillings are extremely common and are used when decay is found on a tooth. Here are three reasons you should not postpone getting a dental filling if your dentist finds a cavity.

Is Your Child Losing Baby Teeth Faster Than You Can Count? When Is A Dental Visit Needed?

If you've always been a bit squeamish when it comes to teeth and dental issues, you may greet your child's first loose tooth not with excitement, but dread. This dread can be compounded even further if the natural process of shedding one's baby teeth is impeded by other dental issues, like impacted teeth or too-narrow gums. How do you know whether your child's tooth-loss experience is normal and healthy? Read on to learn more about the mechanics of this process, as well as when you'll need to make a regular (or emergency) dental appointment to evaluate your child's teeth.

3 Ways To Make Going To The Dentist Fun For Your Child

Sometimes getting your child to go to the dentist is like pulling teeth, and it can be a nightmare to get your little one to cooperate and head out the door. If you want your child to enjoy going to the dentist, you need to make the experience more fun. Here are ways you can do just that so every trip to the dentist is a less stressful experience for you both.

Avoiding The Dentist? 3 Reasons You Need To Have Your Teeth Cleaned

If it's been a while since you visited the dentist, you might be missing out on valuable dental care. During your routine dental visits, your dentist will provide you with a thorough professional cleaning. You might think that if you brush and floss each day, you don't need professional cleanings. Unfortunately, that's not correct. While this practice will keep your teeth clean, brushing and flossing alone isn't enough to keep your teeth and gums clean.

2 Ways To Protect Your Child's Teeth From Decay

If your child's dental checkups often reveal new cavities, you may be feeling a bit frustrated, especially if your youngster is brushing and flossing regularly. However, there are additional things that you can do to help keep your little one's teeth in better shape. Here are a few of them: Ask for dental sealants. Your child's dentist probably administers dental sealants for his or her patients regularly. The sealants, which are made from a plastic called resin, are used to coat the teeth.