Why Is Your Dental Implant Root Shaped Like A Screw?

If you have recently spoken to your dentist about having a dental implant secured in your mouth, then you may have seen some pictures that show what the implant root, artificial tooth, and the abutment look like. When looking at the implant root, you may have been surprised to learn that it looks like a screw. This is indeed the case and the screw shape actually provides the root with many different benefits.

Several Questions You May Have About Orthodontic Treatments For Your Child

Having a beautiful smile can help to give your child an advantage by helping them be as attractive as possible while also allowing them to be confident. Yet, oral developmental issues may seriously compromise your child's natural smile, and when this is the case, you will need to have your child undergo orthodontic treatments to correct these functional and cosmetic dental issues. When Will Your Child Need To Start Orthodontic Treatments?

Two Reasons Why You Should Make An Appointment With An Orthodontist

If you think that going to the orthodontist is strictly for people who need braces, you may want to think again.  Orthodontists can be helpful to a wide range of patients who may not require braces but may have other dental issues that need to be treated.  Use this information to learn more about why you should schedule an appointment with an orthodontist as soon as possible. An Orthodontist Can Help You Avoid Surgery

3 Reasons Not To Postpone Getting A Dental Filling

Visiting the dentist is a great way to get your teeth cleaned and find out if you have any problems that need to be addressed, and the most likely problem you may discover during your visit is the need for a dental filling. Dental fillings are extremely common and are used when decay is found on a tooth. Here are three reasons you should not postpone getting a dental filling if your dentist finds a cavity.

Is Your Child Losing Baby Teeth Faster Than You Can Count? When Is A Dental Visit Needed?

If you've always been a bit squeamish when it comes to teeth and dental issues, you may greet your child's first loose tooth not with excitement, but dread. This dread can be compounded even further if the natural process of shedding one's baby teeth is impeded by other dental issues, like impacted teeth or too-narrow gums. How do you know whether your child's tooth-loss experience is normal and healthy? Read on to learn more about the mechanics of this process, as well as when you'll need to make a regular (or emergency) dental appointment to evaluate your child's teeth.