The Problem With Overcrowded Teeth

Are your teeth overcrowded and affecting the look of your smile? If so, know that overcrowding can cause problems that go beyond what your teeth look like. Here are a few problems that can happen as a result of overcrowded teeth.

Plaque Buildup

A big problem with overcrowded teeth is the limited space that results from this condition. The teeth may overlap partially, which creates some issues with trying to keep those gaps clean. You'll find that the closed gap can be harder for your toothbrush to get between, or even be tight enough to make flossing difficult. If you have a hard time cleaning between your teeth, it will be hard to take care of this area of your mouth over time.

Periodontal Disease

All of that bacteria between your teeth from not being able to properly clean them is going to result in getting periodontal disease, otherwise known as gum disease. The bacteria end up forming along the gums, and when combined with difficulties cleaning your teeth, this can cause some painful results.

Missing Teeth

Teeth that are overcrowding can also lead to tooth loss. This can happen gradually over time due to being unable to do a better job cleaning, but can also be caused by other reasons. All of those crowded teeth will eventually put a lot of stress on the surrounding teeth. It is possible that you could have teeth that crack from being put under pressure, as well.

Speaking Problems

As your teeth start to crowd over time, it can make it more difficult for you to speak out loud. You may find that you have problems making sounds that involve putting your tongue against your teeth. Adjustments will need to be made to get your teeth into the correct position to fix this issue.

Eating Difficulties

Eating can also become more problematic, especially if the teeth are not lining up properly to give you an even bite. This can result in headaches as your jaw moves in an unnatural position to bite down on hard on foods.

Not sure what can be done about overcrowded teeth? Reach out to a local dentist for assistance. They can provide a solution that may involve braces, Invisalign, retainers, and other ways to slowly get your teeth into the proper position to prevent these problems. In some instances, teeth may even need to be pulled to allow room for the remaining teeth to be shifted. Meet with a dentist to learn more about using Invisalign to fix your problem with overcrowding teeth.