Six Key Medical Supplies Dentists Need To Have On Hand At Their Office

There are certain medical supplies that a dentist needs to have on hand for each and every patient. If you're in the process of stocking a dental office with medical supplies, you need to make an inventory of all the different supplies you need to ensure that thorough and complete care of patients is provided. The following are six key medical supplies that a dental office needs on hand at all times:

Tooth polishing equipment

One of the biggest reasons that patients come to routine dentist appointments is to have their teeth polished and thereby improve the appearance of their smiles. A dentist needs to invest in a good quality polisher and the polishing paste that goes with it. 

Antiseptic mouthwash

Antiseptic mouthwash is important for a variety of reasons. It's important for simply freshening a patient's breath. However, perhaps the most important use of antiseptic mouthwash is to prevent infections from developing. If you perform procedures on a patient, such as a root canal or a cavity filling, they can be left susceptible to infections due to wounds in their mouths. With antiseptic mouthwash, bacteria in the patient's mouth is killed so that it has a lesser chance of causing an infection. 

Fluoride treatment and trays

Another important reason why patients go to the dentist is to have fluoride treatments applied to their teeth to reduce their chances of developing cavities. These treatments are often especially important for young patients who are at the greatest risk of developing cavities. 

Inspection mirrors and picks

A visit to the dentist is important for detecting developing problems in the mouth. Vital tools that a dentist needs to detect problems include inspection mirrors and picks. These tools can help a dentist get a good look at hard-to-reach areas in the mouth to detect problems like gingivitis or cavities. 


Flossing when a patient comes in for a visit is important for removing food particles between the teeth and also reinforcing the importance of flossing regularly to patients. You should have some floss available that you give patients during their appointments to take home with them to encourage them to use it. 


It's always good to send your patients home with a toothbrush when they come in for an appointment. This will show that you are looking out for your patients and help encourage them to follow a good dental hygiene regimen. 

If you are in need of more dental or medical supplies, contact a supplier.