What A Family Dentist Should Offer For Your Autistic Child

Autistic children have several issues that can make a dental visit difficult. Some children on the spectrum have issues with speaking while others have issues with light or sound. With these combined issues, you need a family dentist that can handle the appointment and be compassionate to the issues your child has. With that in mind, here are a few of the key services to check for when you are trying to find the right dentist for your child.

Sensory Room

Some family dentists have started using what is called a sensory room. This is usually a specially designed exam room that is designed for autistic children. The lights are lower, the room is usually soundproof, and the atmosphere is more calming. The sensory room may also start as a waiting area that is sensory-calming as well. In many cases, the dentist as well as the dental assistant have been trained for this type of experience and can help your child navigate the appointment with the help of the sensory room.

Conscious Sedation

If your child needs the family dentist and is intolerant of the noises or sensations they will experience, one option is conscious sedation. This is an injection that leaves your child in a relaxed state and allows the dentist to complete the exam and any dental procedures during the time. There are some side effects to this, so if it is offered, you need to discuss the option fully. This will help you understand what to expect and to cope with any issues that may happen following the appointment.

Multiple Visits

You want a family dentist that can not only handle the sensory aspects of an autistic child and the relaxation needs, but who can also the ability to handle multiple visits. It may take multiple visits for something as simple as filling a cavity. This can be due to the experience, sounds, sensations, and the amount of time the child can tolerate the appointment. If the dentist does not offer or refuses this option for an autistic child, consider other alternatives.

When you are ready to settle on a family dentist, contact a company like Sun Dental and schedule a consultation. You will want to discuss your child's issues prior to the appointment. This will give the dentist an idea of what they are dealing with and will give you a chance to hear the plan the dentist has for their appointment.