Flawless Smile Damaged By A Blunt Force? Dental Extractions Can Return Your Confidence

All your life, you've taken great care of your teeth and used them to create a flawless smile that makes you feel confident. However, you recently suffered blunt trauma to the face and one or more teeth are cracked. This situation can be devastating and may need dental extraction to manage properly.

Blunt Force Can Easily Damage a Tooth

When your beautiful smile is damaged by a blunt force, you may lose confidence in how the smile improves your looks. Those with a truly great smile often transform into a different person when they flash their flawless teeth. As a result, the chip or crack in your damaged front teeth is embarrassing and hard for you to handle.

However, you still want to save the tooth because you definitely don't want a gap in your smile and aren't ready for dentures yet. Though many types of treatments may save a damaged tooth — such a root canal — there may come a point when you just can't save it and need to get it removed.

Sometimes You Can't Save a Tooth

When you're young, you might feel aghast at having to remove a tooth from your mouth. This situation is understandable — many people associate losing teeth with the elderly or may even have classist perceptions of bad teeth. However, a crooked or chipped tooth is something that will only get worse and should probably be taken out if it seriously affects your smile.

The nice thing about dental extraction is that you can prepare your gums for a dental implant. This type of dental treatment helps to support your smile and will take the place of your removed tooth and look as natural as possible. As a result, you can be confident in your smile and happy with the attention that it draws.

Conditions That May Complicate Your Surgery

Before you consider getting a tooth extraction, you should talk to your doctor about any other health problems you may have. Healthline lists issues such as diabetes, hypertension, damaged heart valves, and an impaired immune system as problems that could complicate a tooth extraction. These issues could be a problem for a multitude of reasons, including making it order for your blood to clot.

If you are sensitive to pain, you may also have a hard time with a tooth extraction. Even though your dentist will use painkillers to manage the severity of your pain, you might still feel soreness after the treatment is over. However, a tooth extraction of a broken or chipped tooth is still wise because it can help you prepare for an implant to protect your smile.

So if you want your smile to keep looking great, consider a dental extraction to manage your chipped tooth. This process has improved to the point where only minimal pain is anticipated, which can ensure that you don't needlessly suffer.