Why Dentures Should Not Be Your Solution To Poor Oral Hygiene

There is a cross-section of the population that does not take care of their teeth and gums very well. They end up losing some or all of their teeth decades before they should. As such, they end up with dentures long before they should, too. Some even intentionally lose their natural teeth just to get dentures. This is really not a good idea for several reasons. Dentures should not be your solution to poor oral hygiene, and here is why.

You Are More Susceptible to Facial Structure Issues

Have you ever seen the elderly patients in a nursing home who have not worn their dentures consistently? Their cheeks become quite concave and sunken inward. Their lips end up inside their mouths because their jaw lines are no longer where they used to be and cannot support their facial structures as before. While this is somewhat normal for a person in their nineties, it is not normal for someone in their fifties or sixties. Intentionally losing and/or pulling all of your natural teeth in your thirties and forties just to get dentures means that you are much more susceptible to facial structural issues sooner in life.

You May Need SEVERAL Pairs of Dentures Before the End of Your Life

Sure, Medicaid and Medicare may pay for your dentures such that you pay next to nothing for them, but you may have to wear several different pairs of dentures the rest of your life. Can you imagine having to refit your gums for a new pair of dentures every decade or so? Or trying to get your gums to fit the new dentures and dealing with the sores that follow? It does not seem like such a good idea anymore once you think about it.

Your Gums Could Have Lots of Infections

In a way, your teeth and gums exist to protect each other. The teeth keep your gums in place and typically prevent sores and some other types of infection. The gums, when healthy, keep your teeth firmly rooted. Remove all of your teeth, and now you have gums that are rubbed the wrong way by ill-fitting dentures, or exposed to really hot foots. They get sores, and the sores get infections. Even if you go back to your dentist and ask him/her to fix the fit of your dentures, you can still get sores on your gums and infections because of the sores. It just makes sense to have better oral hygiene and keep your natural teeth for as long as you can.