3 Ways To Make Going To The Dentist Fun For Your Child

Sometimes getting your child to go to the dentist is like pulling teeth, and it can be a nightmare to get your little one to cooperate and head out the door. If you want your child to enjoy going to the dentist, you need to make the experience more fun. Here are ways you can do just that so every trip to the dentist is a less stressful experience for you both.

Start a tradition

Whether you take your child out for ice cream after their checkup or you turn a dental cleaning into a day of shopping at the mall or a trip to the arcade, start a fun tradition that your child can associate with going to the dentist. This way, instead of anticipating the dentist's drill, your kid is thinking of the fun day of bowling, shopping, or visiting the zoo that is associated with their dental visit.

You can also use this fun tradition to help control your child's behavior while at the dentist. If your offspring knows they will only get their 'special day' if they are good at the dentist, they are more likely to sit still and be obedient during the procedure.

Buy them cool gear

Going to the dentist should include a new arsenal of dental supplies your kid can be proud of. After their dental visit take them to the store for a new electric toothbrush and holder, fun cartoon-themed toothpaste, and flavored dental floss. This can motivate your child to keep their sparkly white teeth clean even after they get home.

Reward them for a healthy checkup

Once your child has hit the age where oral hygiene is largely their own responsibility, you can start rewarding them with a small amount of money per tooth that does not have a cavity or need treatment when they visit the dentist. If your child knows they will get a quarter for each healthy tooth, for example, they might be more motivated to brush and floss between dental visits and eager to show off their healthy pearly whites in the dental chair when an appointment is imminent. 

There are many ways you can encourage your child to actually enjoy going to the dentist. It may take a bit of creativity on your part, but the results are well-worth it when your child no longer fights you as much to get their teeth cleaned or have a cavity filled.