Top Signs That You May Have an Infected Tooth

You need to remain aware of the symptoms of an abscessed tooth. If you do not know the symptoms and ignore them as they appear, the infection could spread and cause some serious medical conditions. Review the following points so you will know when to call the dentist about a possible tooth infection.

Throbbing Pain

You may feel throbbing pain directly in the tooth that is infected. However, that throbbing pain could also be found all around that tooth and throughout your entire jaw on that side of your mouth. This is due to the fact that nerves connect the various teeth, so the painful area can encompass a much greater area than the area with the immediate problem.

Inability to Properly Chew

You might not experience a lot of pain throughout the day, but the moment you try chewing with an infected tooth, you will notice that something is not right. The pain might be sharp because there is a hole from a cavity. You might simply experience pounding pain that occurs because the infection is being pushed on, and this can push on other teeth and various nerve endings.

Pus Forming on Your Gums

You are not likely to get the standard pimple on your gums that you would get on your face. Therefore, if you happen to spot a little pouch of pus, it is most likely due to a dental infection. Do not make the mistake of trying to clean out that area on your own and assume that the problem is now dealt with. Even if you remove any visible signs of pus, there is still going to be an infection deep within your jaw or teeth that you simply cannot reach on your own.

Feelings of Extreme Sickness

When an infected tooth is allowed to be left alone for too long, the infection can spread to your bloodstream. You can become extremely sick, and this could actually lead to death if you do not get prompt dental attention. Therefore, if you have experienced any of the previous signs of trouble and are beginning to feel very ill, you may want to get to an emergency room. The staff there will be able to determine if you are in need of strong antibiotics, which will temporarily take care of the infection, but you will then need to seek dental care so the problem can be resolved. This way, the infection will not return.

Call a dentist, such as one from All About Smiles Incorporated, if you suspect that you do indeed have an abscessed tooth.