New Chemical-Free Teeth Whitening Solutions

If you're looking for a teeth whitening approach that's off the regular beaten path and that avoids chemicals, you're in luck, since there are plenty of such techniques available these days. Here are some examples of teeth whitening procedures that you may not have heard of previously that can help make your teeth whiter the way that you want.

Color Therapy for Chemical-free Solutions

There's more than one way to make something like your teeth white. The common technique is to use bleach to go straight to white by bleaching out all other colors. However, you can also make white by using the color wheel. White is just a combination of other colors, after all.

For example, if you want to get rid of yellowing teeth in order to make your teeth look white again, you can simply go to the color opposite yellow on the color wheel. In this case, you'll often want purple. There are dentists out there that can combine yellow on your stained teeth with purple using the proper dies in order to make your teeth white again. You can do this without using peroxide if this is something that you'd prefer to avoid.

Ionic gels and LED for Fast Whitening

Another new approach to teeth whitening that avoids peroxide is to instead use Carbamide Peroxide and LED lights in order to help with whitening. If you happen to be in a hurry when it comes to getting your teeth up to where you want them to be for shade, this is often a useful option.

What you do is take the tray, put it into boiling water, cool it briefly, then bite down onto it in order to make a mold for your teeth. Then, you put the whitening agent into the tray and bite down on it, letting it whiten your teeth over time. The LED accelerator can be used to accelerate this process by activating the gel.

Many studies indicate that apart from accelerating the process, it can also result in less sensitivity as well. This means that it's going to be ideal for those who want to get their teeth whiter without raising sensitivity in their gums as much and who don't mind using peroxide.

The important thing is to experiment with the approach that's going to work the best for you depending on your particular situation and what you want in the end. Contact a dental office that specializes in cosmetic dentistry for more information.