Getting Used To Your New Dentures

If you are planning on getting dentures for the first time, you will soon be enjoying your new smile and will most likely want to show it off with pride. Along with the new appearance comes a multitude of new procedures to adhere to as well as a few uncomfortable situations. Here are some tips on how to take care of your new dentures so the discomfort is not as frequent as you get used to your new teeth.

Take Your Time

It will take a bit of practice to get used to putting dentures in properly. Read all instructions on the adhesive powder or cream your dentist recommended for use. Take your time in applying the adhesive so it covers the entire portion of the reservoir before pushing the dentures into place. Hold the dentures firmly for several seconds as the adhesive grips. If you rush the process, you may find yourself with dentures that are not seated properly, leading to an unfortunate situation where they may slip out of place at an inopportune time. 

Practice Beforehand

Before you go out into the public, practice speaking in front of a mirror to see how your teeth appear. If they are not looking straight, you may want to pull out the denture piece and place it properly. It is a good idea to practice eating in a secluded setting as well. This way you can tweak the amount of force you use when you take a bite of your meal to see how your teeth feel in the process. If you feel resistance, you will know this is a bit too much pressure and it could lead to breaking or falling out dentures.

Carry Supplies

It is very important to have extra adhesive on hand at all times, especially as you are getting used to the feel of your dentures. This way you can tend to them if they are not feeling secure, making you feel more in control about their use.

Keep a small case in your vehicle, purse, briefcase, or pocket to be used to place your dentures if you need to rest your gums. The first few days you will find your gums get sore as they are becoming accustomed to the dentures resting upon them. If you see a chance to take them out for a bit, do so to relieve your skin. 

Dismiss Yourself Effectively

If you find yourself in a situation where your dentures are not adhered properly, knowing how to dismiss yourself from public view is important so others do not catch on about your predicament. Pretend to cough a few times if you feel you need to readjust your dentures. You can then simply nod and walk toward a restroom to tend to your teeth.

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