3 Signs That May Indicate That You Have An Infected Tooth

It is important to make sure that you are well aware of the signs that may indicate that you are dealing with a dental infection. After all, untreated infections can become life threatening. To help make sure that this is not risk that you will be taking, you will want to review the following signs of an infected tooth so that you can take prompt action.

The Tooth Is Getting Darker In Color

A tooth that is getting darker in color, when the surrounding teeth are not changing color, may very well be severely infected. The reason for the change in color is that the necrotic pulp is leaching into the various layers of the tooth that are very porous. When this happens, you might notice that instead of turning yellow from other sources of discoloration, your tooth may appear black or gray.

Pimples On The Gums 

Pimples are nothing more than pus-filled pockets and they are not normally found in the mouth along the gum line. If you do find a pus-filled pimple on your gums, it is most likely the result of a bad tooth infection. Basically, the amount of infection is growing and it is trying to find an escape route. Do not make the mistake of assuming that you can simply pop that pimple and give it a good cleaning. Just because it would appear as though the infection is cleared out does not mean that it is actually gone. It can still be found within your tooth and possibly within your jaw until you seek dental or medical treatment.

Swelling Of The Side Of Your Face

When a tooth infection grows and spreads, it can cause that side of your face to swell and become very tender. It is important to make sure that this is being looked into very quickly, as the infection can easily enter your bloodstream and cause even more complications for you. You will most likely receive a prescription for antibiotics and possibly even an extraction of the infected tooth depending on how severe the problem is.

As you can see, there are a few good signs to look out for when trying to spot an infected tooth. If you notice any of them, you will want to call your dentist right away to schedule an emergency appointment before the situation gets out of control. They will be able to stop the problem and prevent any further infection.