How To Care For Your Employees' Dental Health

Do your employees have good dental health? If they don't, then their dental conditions may be lowering your business productivity. Healthy employees are productive because they take few sick days off and accomplish their tasks fast. Here are a few tips to help you improve your employees' dental health:

Provide Healthy Snacks at the Vending Machines

Many workplaces have vending machines that employees use for snacks. If there is such a service on your premises, then you should ensure that it isn't just filled with sugary snacks. Provide your workers with healthy alternatives such as sugarless gum. Sugarless gum is good because it:

  • keeps the mouth fresh
  • stimulates the production of saliva that cleans the teeth
  • does not provide food for oral bacteria

Avail Clean Drinking Water

Water is an essential component of oral health. If you get dehydrated, then your saliva production also slows down and leaves you with a dry mouth. This is not only a recipe for bad breath, but it also encourages bacterial growth in your mouth because the saliva is no longer there to wash them away.

Water is also useful for washing away bits of food after a meal or snack. For example, after eating an acidic fruit, you can take a sip of water to reduce the risk of enamel erosion. Therefore, you need to provide your employees with clean drinking water.

Encourage Dental Hygiene Practices at the Workplace

Dental hygiene should not be confined to the home; it's also essential to brush and floss in the workplace. Imagine leaving home in the morning and coming back in the evening or at night. If you don't clean your teeth at work, then you are giving the bacteria too many hours to act on the bits of food remains on your teeth. Encourage your employees to keep their dental products such as toothbrushes and floss in their lockers so that they can use them during breaks.

Provide Dental Health Awareness and Education

Lastly, you will also be doing your workers (and your business) a great service by integrating dental awareness programs in your workplace. For example, you can include information on dental hygiene in your employee handbooks or hold annual dental health awareness days.

A healthy team is a productive team. Most employers understand enough of this to take an interest in their workers' medical health, but dental health does not usually receive that much attention. This is unfortunate because oral health has been linked to diseases on other parts of the body. 

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